Thursday 13 Mar 2014

A Blustery March Day

Lately it’s been warm enough to start melting the snow, but not today. Zero degrees with the wind chill, the forecast said. I geared up in thermal base layers, heavy boots and arctic-certified parka and headed to the farm to meet Andrew Cogar and Elizabeth Dillon. They’re the house architects recommended by a trusted source. We walked the back pastures and toured the farmhouse and antique barn. The light was beautiful through the south-facing windows. Andrew and Elizabeth had a lot of great ideas for repurposing materials from no-longer-functional parts of the old barn. They loved the land and our vision for it, and I had the feeling right away they’ll do a fantastic job.

We took a tour of Ridgefield to see local architecture. Andrew kept pulling over so Elizabeth could sneak into someone’s driveway and photograph the house. Then the three of us drove into the city and had a delicious farm-to-table dinner with Philip at Ink 48 Hotel. (Where we had our engagement party three years ago, in the rooftop lounge.)

This was our first meeting with Andrew and Elizabeth—technically an interview. Philip and I agree: we love them and can’t wait to get to work.

South-facing windows in the farmhouse

South-facing windows in the farmhouse

Inside the antique hay barn

Inside the antique hay barn

And a couple of Kristen Somody Whalen photos from that other blustery day, on the roof at Ink 48 Hotel. The rain stopped, and we ducked outside to shoot these when Kristen saw the dramatic sky. What a party!



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