Welcome to Grappa Lane! I’m Sarah, a rider and writer bringing new life to an old farm with my husband, Philip. We’re moving from our cozy West Village apartment to a fifty-acre fixer-upper. Let’s just say our farm is a diamond in the rough, in the heart of Westchester/Fairfield horse country. We’re dreaming of apple orchards and honeybees, a show-horse-caliber jumping field, a shaded porch overlooking the pond and pastures. We get to start almost from scratch and build the way we like—everything for the health of the horses, the people, and the land.

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The Best Horse trophy at the US Equestrian Team Talent Search Finals is named after him. Teenage rider-girls all over the country discussed him in Internet chat rooms. He almost became a Breyer horse model. (Breyer, you shoulda done it!) Grappa is one of the all-time greats of the sport. He won seven national equitation championships. At age 25, he attended our wedding at Philip’s family’s farm. He posed handsomely for portraits in his old-pro-in-front-of-the-camera way, dappled and miraculously youthful.

He’s a well-named horse, as fiery as the Italian after-dinner drink. He bucked off most of his riders. When he focused his impressive mental energy on doing his job, there was no feeling like it—his bright gallop and perfect balance… READ MORE


About The Author

Sarah is a longtime horse lover and grammar maven who started writing about horses in first grade. Her best work from this era includes an illustrated taxonomy of horse breeds and riding equipment. (“A Clydesdale is a work horse… This is called a crupper… Arabian horses are very frisky.”) She is not ashamed of her nerdy tendencies. If you want to know how to punctuate dialogue, conjugate “lie” and “lay,” or diagram sentences, drop her a line.

After humble beginnings at a fox hunting barn, she became one of the most successful show riders of her generation. She won several national equitation championships, Junior Olympics gold medals, and Open Jumper Grands Prix; received sportsmanship awards at the National READ MORE