About the Author

About The Author

Sarah is a longtime horse lover and grammar maven who started writing about horses in first grade. Her best work from this era includes an illustrated taxonomy of horse breeds and riding equipment. (“A Clydesdale is a work horse… This is called a crupper… Arabian horses are very frisky.”) She is not ashamed of her nerdy tendencies. If you want to know how to punctuate dialogue, conjugate “lie” and “lay,” or diagram sentences, drop her a line.

After humble beginnings at a fox hunting barn, she became one of the most successful show riders of her generation. She won several national equitation championships, Junior Olympics gold medals, and Open Jumper Grands Prix; received sportsmanship awards at the National Horse Show and Maclay Regionals; and was named US Equestrian Federation Junior Equestrian of the Year, Chronicle of the Horse Hunter Horseman of the Year, and Stanford University’s Club Sports Athlete of the Year. She’s quick to say there’s hope for anyone with a passion and the openness to learn.


She grew up in Massachusetts, the daughter of a good-Midwestern-boy-turned-Bostonian and a Harvard Doctorate mother descended from a long line of strong and creative women. In 2012, Sarah and her husband, Philip, were married at his family’s farm on a breezy and sunny summer day, surrounded by their horses.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Education from Stanford University and an M.F.A in Fiction Writing from NYU. Her writing has won the Stanford undergraduate fiction prize and the Concord Review’s Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize. She is working on a collection of linked stories about characters whose lives intersect through the world of horses.