Sunday 29 Jun 2014

Dream Team

“Wait, what do you mean by ‘collaborate’?” said one of the architects we interviewed. Well, you know, like, work together? A full-service, one-stop shop can be great, but for a project like ours, we need a team. We’re not just designing pretty landscaping; we’re restoring the health of the ecosystem, including a waterway. The best barns aren’t just nice for people; they’re designed for the horses’ wellbeing. The living spaces on the property pose their own challenges, from minor upgrades to salvage-and-rebuild to start-from-scratch.

We’ve been slowly assembling our team, doing research, talking to friends, interviewing. Thomas Woltz creates landscapes that are gorgeous in a wild way, full of native plants that help the ecosystem thrive. Andrew Cogar and colleagues build inviting, unpretentious houses rooted in local architecture, the owner’s taste, and the property’s history. (Thomas’s and Andrew’s teams have worked together a lot—and are thoroughly happy to collaborate.) John Blackburn’s approach to barns is all about natural light and ventilation, to keep the horses healthy and happy.

Read the beginning of our farm story here.

Barns by Blackburn:

Image 39

Image 32

Landscapes by Thomas’s firm, Nelson Byrd Woltz (and featured photo above):

Image 37

Image 33

Image 34

Houses by Andrew, Elizabeth, and their team:

Image 38

Image 36

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