Thursday 24 Sep 2015

Hunter Jumps, Old School

This morning while I rode—a crisp sunny morning with that peaceful early-fall light—Alan was up here with his backhoe putting the finishing touches on our stone wall jump. It’s mini, I know; that’s the idea. A non-intimidating little jump to hop over while you’re doing your hills-and-trails work.

It’s back to my fox-hunting roots. And now that hunter derby classes are back in style, I’m tempted to pull out my show clothes. Maybe if the right horse showed up…

We’ve come a long way from all those tangles of vines and debris. Now we just need to let the grass grow in:IMG_6939IMG_6941IMG_6942IMG_6945

Jammy helped me survey the work and check in with Alan on his next project, part two of the trail through the woods.


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