Saturday 27 Sep 2014

The Boys In The Yard

Big day! For the first time in my life, I woke up in my own house, looked outside, and saw my horses grazing. I rocketed out there in my PJs; Grappa and Otter came to the fence. I might have been squealing. Philip is suddenly worried that he’s married to a crazy person, that soon I’ll be baby-talking to the horses, at a yell, from our porch.

We walked through their pasture on the way to the barn. I grabbed my two boys for a photo op, and Kondor wedged in between. Ears forward, all around.




In the next paddock, Glagow sauntered around with his new lady friend, Lissie, inherited from the sellers of our house. They asked if we’d keep her, and she’s turned out to be Glasgow’s perfect turnout companion. (Not easy to find; he didn’t like to stay outside very long on his own, but he was too mean to Kondor, who on day three of Glasgow chasing him around the field, came in with his right front shoe gone, his left front shoe sprung, and his eye swollen. Needless to say, we took Kondor away after that. But Lissie’s got it down: if Glasgow gets too fresh, she kicks him in the face. He adores her—stays out all day, so relaxed and nonchalant he might as well be lounging in a smoking jacket. He’s a new man!)

(Lissie wears the grazing muzzle to watch her waistline.)

(Lissie wears the grazing muzzle to watch her waistline.)

Then we had a sunny-September-day trail ride with Ray Ray and Firefly:

Image 4





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