Beauty In Ruins: Six Days In Cuba

Feb 21, 2015 | Travel

This was an extraordinary experience, the kind that jolts you out of the way you live. The wreckage of Havana is like nothing I’ve seen: old European grandeur in Caribbean colors, crumbling, patched together, home to people who have endured that terrible regime, scraping by on ingenuity and black-market trade, crowded in mansions-turned-tenements. Here, to begin, is a photo essay of what we saw. A photographer’s paradise: all those old American cars and brightly-painted buildings; the people; tobacco leaves hanging to dry; a restored mansion reflected in the doors of a derelict apartment building; in one particularly desolate room, a caged monkey in the background shadows. My husband took the picture of the crypt with one coffin-drawer missing.

Following this photo essay is my four-part series on our Cuban trip. Read it here, or find the link at the end of this post.

Click to enlarge, and begin the slide show: DSCF7040DSCF7046IMG_5232DSCF7055DSCF7058DSCF7062DSCF7073DSCF7084DSCF7086DSCF7087DSCF7088DSCF7089DSCF7106DSCF7107DSCF7114DSCF7123DSCF7188DSC00114DSC00124DSCF7195IMG_5321IMG_5327DSCF7201DSCF7203DSCF7206DSCF7216DSC00240DSCF7224DSC00254DSCF7239DSCF7262DSCF7304DSCF7297DSCF7336DSCF7338DSCF7363DSCF7379IMG_5405DSCF7380DSCF7402DSC00048 - Version 2

Read the series here.


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