Double Wins For Flyboy!

Sep 15, 2018 | Horses

Our homebred Flyboy capped off his 2018 season with a pair of wins in 1.40 Meter jumping. The first of those wins—the 2* Grand Prix at Angelstone Tournaments—came on the anniversary of his nerve-wracking injury a year ago, when he got stuck rolling in his stall at the horse show. He put his leg through the door—and avoided catastrophic damage only by the heroic efforts of Dr. Paige Manning, who scaled the stall wall and sedated him, and Chris Rantoul from the stabling crew, who quickly got the door off its hinges. Even so, Flyboy had a long hospital stay for his lacerations and got back to jumping only at the start of 2018.

The injury happened a week before the seven-year-old jumper finals, so he missed his shot at that championship. And now exactly a year later, after his long recovery and remarkable comeback, he won this Grand Prix—his first major win. Chris even came to the ring to give him a big pat before the jump-off round. Erynn Ballard, Flyboy’s rider and my longtime friend, brought the anniversary to my attention only after the win. And as emotional as I already was for this horse who might as well be my child, that information really got me going. Nothing like a good joy/relief cry…

Flyboy, by Emilion, is the oldest offspring of my mare Labelle. See more of his story here.

And here he is winning those two 1.40 Meter classes to finish his eight-year-old season:

First round, 2* Grand Prix:

Jump off round, 2* Grand Prix:

1.40 Meter at HITS Saugerties, first round:

1.40 Meter at HITS, jump off round:

Jumping in style:

Photo by Ringside Media

Proud boy after his first big win:

Feature photo by Ben Radvanyi Photography


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