Sunday 29 Jun 2014

Dream Team

We’re interviewing architects and designers for our farm renovation. Since the project is rather extensive, with several distinct elements—restoring a pond and stream, making horse-friendly barns, renovating houses, planning an overall layout with riding areas, living areas, gardens, etc.—it’s not the kind of thing a one-stop shop can cover. So it’ll mean coordinating things between experts in various fields. (In other words, no egomaniacs allowed.) Here are some of the people we’re excited to work with…

Thomas Woltz creates landscapes that are gorgeous in a wild way, full of native plants that help the ecosystem thrive. Andrew Cogar and colleagues build inviting, unpretentious houses rooted in local architecture, the owner’s taste, and the property’s history. Thomas’s and Andrew’s teams have worked together a lot—and are thoroughly happy to collaborate. Plus their teams have been fun to spend time with, which is important, since we’ll be doing a fair amount of that. Check out their websites for some design inspiration:

Nelson Byrd Woltz
Historical Concepts

Landscapes by Thomas’s firm, Nelson Byrd Woltz (and featured photo above):

Image 37

Image 33

Image 34

Houses by Andrew, Elizabeth, and their team:

Image 38

Image 36

Read the beginning of our farm story here.

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