Sunday 28 Jun 2015

Every Design Team Needs a Dachshund

We’re going for permitting on the derby field. Town officials stopped by to look at the site. Pretty much the whole team was here: Paul Appleton and Jeffrey Longhenry (landscape designers), Tasos Kokoris (barn architect), Lawton Adams (derby field contractor), and of course, Jammy the dachshund. Out on the freshly mowed field, it was easy to envision what a beautiful place it’ll be to ride. All it needs is some smoothing and filling, drainage and irrigation, and stream cleanup.

After the town officials left, the design team stayed to discuss the master plan. Jammy had a lot of great ideas at our meeting. She helped Paul sketch the driveway location, kept our plans from blowing away, and protected us from all the deer in the woods. Then she gave an encore performance of her attack-the-mud-puddle routine.

Planning the dirt road through the farm:


With Jammy in attendance, between Jeffrey and me:


Serious stuff to discuss:


Picking mulberries for a mid-afternoon snack:


On a gator tour of the riding trail:


See more about our plans for the derby field here.

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