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Nov 16, 2017 | Healthy Living, Meditation

Have you been thinking of giving meditation a try? Or just looking for some inspiration to revitalize your practice? The series from Oprah & Deepak “Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude” is a lovely, calming, empowering exploration of the practice of gratitude—and the many ways it can enrich our lives.

No matter what, Deepak Chopra says, we can always find things to appreciate, even small simple things: a warm breakfast in front of us; the way sunlight shines through a window; the feeling of our heart continuing to beat; the presence—or memory—of someone we love; the sound of birdsong; the sense of our own ability to learn and evolve; a soft blanket wrapped around our shoulders.

The daily practice of conscious gratitude changes our experiences. It helps us move out of fear, pain, and worry and into a place of peace, trust and joy. The more we can inhabit this state of being, the more we find that good things flow to us; we notice them, we are ready to receive them, and, Chopra says, we actually attract them. The practice of gratitude has even been shown to shift our physiology, nurturing the health of body and mind.

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Described as a “21-day meditation experience,” this series provides a new practice each day, introduced by Oprah, elaborated by Deepak Chopra (who has the most soothing, resonant voice any human has ever possessed), and including a mantra for meditation, along with peaceful music. Yes, this experience is different from sitting silently in mindfulness meditation. But a guided meditation is valuable in its own particular way. This series inspires a shift in awareness, an expansion of one’s own inner resources.

“The source of grace already resides within our own awareness,” the authors write. “We don’t need to go anywhere or search anywhere to find it, we only need to change our perception of what is already around us. In the next three weeks we will learn how gratitude shifts our awareness, changing our approach to others and the world. This new perspective will reveal the grace that already inhabits our life.” And they explore the meaning of grace, in a way that’s relatable and meaningful for all manner of religious, spiritual, and secular perspectives.

Oprah has practiced meditation for most of her life. Her partnership with the popular spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra has produced a library of guided meditations, online at Chopra Center Meditation. When a new series is introduced, you can access it for free live streaming, thereby sharing the practice with a global community. Or you can buy the other meditations from the archives. This series on gratitude and grace is a standout. And what better time than now? Let this be a new spin on the Thanksgiving holiday.

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