Guided Meditation: Forgiveness

Dec 18, 2021 | Healthy Living, Meditation

This is a guided meditation audio on the three directions of forgiveness. The practice is not about any particular outward action; rather, it’s about the freedom of our own heart. As Lily Tomlin said, “Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.” Forgiveness meditation helps us to soften and open the heart, releasing the burdens of resentment and blame. As we practice over time, we can find more peace and freedom in our lives.

It’s important not to force forgiveness too early or use it to paper over our pain. We need to honor our own experience and give our healing the time it needs. But when we’re ready, there is enormous power in forgiveness. It’s the power to choose our own spirit as we move through life.

Forgiving ourselves is at the core of self-compassion, which we so dearly need through the ups and downs of life. And forgiving others is an important part of repairing valued relationships. Or it can simply be a way of releasing the pain of the past—and moving on from a situation that no longer serves us.

Importantly, forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting or condoning harmful behavior. We can forgive and still take strong action to protect ourselves and others. We can forgive and choose to end a relationship. We can forgive and still uphold healthy boundaries.

This forgiveness practice is an internal process, for our own wellbeing and freedom. When we carry blame or resentment, we let the past continue to harm us. But through practice, we can release the cycle of hurt and turn towards new possibilities. Forgiveness can bring clarity and calm, helping us become a source of peace in the world.

As you begin this practice, choose areas to work with that feel manageable. Part of the process is sensing inside yourself where you’re ready to forgive, where you’d like to forgive. Take it slowly, and be kind to yourself as much as you can. With this and other heart practices, remember we’re choosing the seeds we plant and cultivate in our own hearts, and with tending, they will grow.


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