Tuesday 10 May 2016

Our Emmylou

She’s here! Our preposterously cute, three-month-old girl dachshund. (Cream w/dark points; 4.5 lbs; extra silky; specializes in hunting leaves & acorns, chasing own tail, gazing adoringly into your eyes, scampering across living room and diving onto dog bed, and napping inside the front of your coat; featuring abnormally flexible head rotation, including the ability to flip her head all the way backwards, like a goose—a position she seems to actually find comfortable.) Favorite toy: the nylon trim I cut off of her fleece dog coat because size XS was way too big. Current obsessions: paper, tags, masking tape. (I can’t really read because the sight of the book makes her crazy with wanting to chew it.) She follows me around the house with the super-fast pitter-pat sound of thundering paws.

Just after arrival at Turnabout Farm:


Hotdog centerfold:




Emmylou finds an acorn! And runs like the wind…



Fighting the dragon:IMG_7796

She spent a day at Philip’s office, mostly on the keyboard tray:


How to lie down: just stop walking with your back legs and let everything else flop over…


Evening couch nap:


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