Tuesday 16 Jun 2015

Our Wedding, On The Farm

On our third anniversary, here are some photos from that glorious June day. We made our own venue of tents and boardwalks at Philip’s family farm. A risky move, weather-wise, but we couldn’t have been luckier: sun and cool breeze and a few drifting clouds—the best day of that summer. Our horses stood around us in beautiful stalls for the ceremony. Our guests were in high spirits. There was this magical sense of joy in the air, like nothing we’d ever felt.

Part of the secret: we took really good care of our guests. We had abundant food and drink, a basket of flamboyant drugstore sunglasses for the open-air cocktail hour at sunset, a reception light on toasts (they were short and very sweet) and heavy on dinner, champagne, dessert, and the fabulous Jay Prince Band, who kept the dance floor packed. We were the last to leave the party. We stopped in the enchanted birch grove, under the paper lanterns’ glow, and stood there in awe. Our photographer, Kristen, came running out of the darkness from her car and captured the moment.


Lemonade on arrival at the birch grove:


To the ceremony:

PY-RCR-C-25-LGPY-RCR-C-053-LGPY-RCR-C-105-LG_2KSW_1618rtPY-RCR-C-148-LGKW2_0990rtMarried! You may now kiss the groom! heheKSW_2022rtPY-RCR-C-179-LG copy061612,r12,f43a064With J.J. and Ray Ray

With Grappa:

KSW_2173rt copy

Cocktail hour:


Our way of keeping Philip’s late father with us: guests visited this tree, his resting place. Not something we’d told people; they were drawn up the slope to the peaceful swing and sweeping view.

KW2_1189rtMax's tree

Leaving cocktail hour, with Alan sounding the call:


The reception tent:


Returning, post-dress-change, in a much different vehicle:


Philip learned to swing dance, for real:

Swinging out for our first dance! Fly Me to the Moon...




The drugstore sunglasses were a hit:


Feeling the best-old-friends love:


Our caterer’s signature touch:


Guests left with jars of our bees’ honey:


Photos by Kristen Whalen, Parker Young, and Michael Wilson. Wedding design by Ron Wendt.


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