Copper Compost Bin


Copper Plated Stainless Steel Compost Bin
1 Gallon with Lid
Includes Spare Charcoal Filters

BETTER VALUE: Most countertop compost pails come with just 1 to 2 filters at most. Ours comes with an entire year’s worth of dual charcoal filters & biodegradable liner bags… so you get more for your money.

STAINLESS STEEL FOOD SCRAP CONTAINER: On the inside, our rugged bin is 100% stainless steel, seamless for leakproof strength. Rest assured it will never leach harmful chemicals into your compost!

GENUINE COPPER COATING: Go ahead… set this gorgeous canister on any kitchen counter. With its glistening copper finish, it enhances any decor. Plus, it fits right in with all your other copper kitchen accessories.

NO MORE STINK: Insert one of our dual charcoal filters (included), then place the lid and seal the odors in! The activated charcoal will neutralize odors, while the lid will keep any stray smells from getting out.

LOVE IT FOR A LIFETIME, GUARANTEED: If you don’t absolutely love your Gardenatomy Compost Pail, send it back ANYTIME for a full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked!


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