Zen Me

Natural Exfoliating Dry Brush Set


The perfect dry brush, with just-right bristles that are strong yet smooth—never scratchy. Dry brushing helps to smooth skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, for an array of health and beauty benefits.

Sustainably farmed, polished Lotus Wood, 100% Natural Boar Bristles for Body Brush, Exfoliating Gloves made from Nylon

Always dry brush towards the heart to improve the lymphatic system function.

STATE-OF-THE-ART SKIN BRUSH SET – Best materials, craftsmanship and price-value compared to other brushes on the market to maximize your dry brushing experience & longevity of the product. Our superior, longer, contoured cut natural bristles are strong yet smooth for optimal skin exfoliation results. We don’t use cheap plastic to anchor our bristles; instead our boar bristle brush is crafted with beautiful, polished lotus wood that securely holds the bristles.

SAY HELLO TO FRESH CLEAN SKIN EVERYDAY – THE NATURAL WAY thanks to regular skin brushing and exfoliation. Using our bath brush, scrub glove, facial sponges and pumice lava stone will help reduce and prevent clogged pores, ingrown hair, cellulite, acne problems or calluses. Regular dry brushing is proven to improve important immune function and release of toxins by stimulating your lymphatic system. You will love the compliments you receive for your smoother, healthier looking skin.

FEEL MORE ALIVE – Brush your sluggishness away and get new energy for the day. Whether you have a hard time waking up in the morning, spend hours sitting each day or tend to have swollen legs, feet or ankles you will greatly benefit from body brushing! Find quick relief from swelling or even inflammation as you activate your lymph flow. Simple yet effective, this is your complete exfoliator set to easily remove dead skin, stimulate skin renewal and improve circulation.

ENJOY YOUR OWN AT- HOME SPA and bring your inner Zen out, Brushing your skin provides a relaxing daily moment in your hectic life while you stimulate and refresh your body and soul. It’s like a mini massage to increase your VITALITY one stroke at a time or even RELAX YOU into the night and help you with stress relief. Comes with a 14” long, curved, detachable wooden handle for easy back scrubbing. Also makes a great complement for your bathroom accessories.

ZEN ME’s PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE – With our Premium Quality Brush Kit you receive 1 Pair of Shower Gloves, 1 Charcoal Konjac Sponge, 1 Pumice Foot Stone + Our “6 Steps To Vitality” e-book and manual. Like all ZEN ME products this brush set comes in a nice gifts box making it an attractive health and wellness gift. Order your ZEN ME Complete Exfoliation System for Body, Face and Feet now with total peace of mind, knowing that we offer a full satisfaction guarantee.


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