Tuesday 22 Jul 2014

Staying Shady

The sun’s out in full force, and the boys and I are geared up. Well, their outfits keep the bugs off, first and foremost, but also protect their coats from getting bleached by the sun. Otter and Grappa don’t have any upcoming modeling gigs, but we put this same gear on the show horses, and it helps keep them looking their best during the steamy months.

I love my Ariat long-sleeved, ventilated, UV-protective polo. For several very good reasons, I’m less inclined than ever to mess around with sunburn. (In the old-school-polo-shirt days before the advent of modern fabrics, a rider’s tan was synonymous with a farmer’s tan: no bueno.) Add a panama fedora (packable, from San Francisco Hat Company) and you’re set for a blazing summer day.


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