The Snow Report

Mar 1, 2015 | Farm & Ranch, Renovation

Update from the north: in this record-breaking winter, work continues on the bridle paths. With the ground frozen, it’s the perfect time to drive those big machines through the woods. Our farm manager, Alan, and the guys from Westchester Tree Life have cleaned up that old logging road I photographed last summer. Plus they’ve cleared a smaller path through the south and east woods. When the show horses return in the spring, we’ll have a lovely, shaded trail to ride on.

Specifically, the cleanup involved the return of the Bandit Intimidator chipper, to pulverize the big trees that had fallen across the path. A few standing trees that were in rough shape—and in danger of falling on the trail—were cut down. More rusted metal debris was hauled out of the woods (eg. the manure spreader with trees growing through it). And some low-growing invasive shrubs were chopped. All this along the trails only; the rest of the woodlot remains undisturbed.

This kind of winter work is not for the faint of heart! Photos by Alan.

photo 1-5photo 2

Can’t wait to ride these trails, minus all that snow and plus some nice grass and leaves:

Hilltop trail that leads to the future-house meadow

photo 1-6photo 4-2

This was in the woods, too:

photo 3 photo 1-4

Alan at the helm:

photo 3-2

Looks like a stay-in-the-truck day:photo 3-3 photo 2-2

The boys enjoying the sun:

Otter, Grappa, Ray Ray

Otter, Grappa, Ray Ray



Sunset over farmhouse:

photo 4



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